Writing a Successful Thesis

The doctoral thesis is shrouded in mystery and often we’re too overwhelmed to unravel it.

With essential advice and guidance on writing a thesis in the Arts & Humanities or Social Sciences, this practical webinar is suitable for doctoral researchers who are about to start writing as well as those who have already begun.

The emphasis is on planning and structuring your thesis, and motivating yourself to start writing.

By the end of the session you’ll have:

  • Understood the requirements and elements of a doctoral thesis
  • Assessed what you’ve already achieved and what is left to do
  • Received guidance on developing the structure and content of your thesis
  • Discovered useful tips for planning and scheduling the writing (and finishing) of your thesis

This training is aimed at early- and mid-stage PhD students in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. The webinar lasts hours.

What You’ll Get

  • A 2-hour interactive webinar with activities, discussion, and Q&A 
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Downloadable slides
  • Links to further resources


“Really clear, very useful advice – thank you!”

“Calming! Good ideas for planning and thinking about how to structure thesis and overcome problems”

“Great to know others are feeling and experiencing the same things as me – I feel very encouraged now”


This webinar costs £400 + VAT for up to 24 participants.

On receipt of a purchase order, we’ll arrange a date with you for the webinar and make all the necessary technical arrangements. This is all managed by us, you just need to send the link to your students.

Please contact Research Coach if you’d like to book this training or if you have any questions.