PhD Coaching – Terms and Conditions

I have just a few additional terms and conditions to ensure everything runs smoothly:

Payment Terms

All coaching sessions must be paid for in within 30 days.

You can reschedule or cancel a session up to 24 hours beforehand. If you’re a no-show on the day, you’ll still be charged. This is because I’ll have prepared for our session and am unlikely to get a booking from anybody else at such short notice.

In the unlikely event that I need to cancel, I’ll contact you immediately to make the necessary rearrangements.


Coaching isn’t a substitute for supervision and I can’t guarantee that you’ll successfully complete your PhD. Sorry.

Coaching isn’t a substitute for professional mental health care, either, and I can’t act as a counsellor.

I’ll contact you between sessions to check on your progress. You’re also welcome to email me with questions or clarification. Any additional coaching, though, incurs extra fees. If this is likely, I’ll always advise you in advance.

For more information, please read the full terms and conditions.