Making Progress in Your PhD

Are you part-way through your PhD and wondering how to keep going? Do you need a push to progress to the final stages? If so, this course is for you. Through activities and tutorials, you’ll:

  • Clarify where you are with your PhD
  • Rediscover your motivation
  • Develop a realistic plan for completion
  • Learn techniques for improving your productivity
  • Create an effective writing process

Each week, we’ll address a specific area of making progress. Between sessions, you’ll work on activities and your own pace and participate in optional peer group discussions.

This training is aimed at mid-stage PhD students in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

What you’ll get

  • Six 2-hour webinars, including group discussions and Q&A
  • Activities to complete between live sessions
  • A short video-based course for you to follow at your own pace
  • Follow-up coaching emails to keep you on track
  • Links to further resources


“Catherine has motivated me to get right back on with it!”

“Thought-provoking and very helpful; put me back on the road to completing my PhD.”

“Yes, it did meet my expectations, it also superseded them. The tips … have been incredibly helpful.”


This course costs £3600 + VAT for up to 24 participants.

On receipt of a purchase order, we’ll then arrange a date with you for the live webinars and make all the necessary technical arrangements. Participants will get access to an online welcome pack ahead of the first session. Everything is managed by us, you just need to let us know the students’ names and email addresses.

Please contact us if you’d like to book this training or if you have any questions.