How to Publish Your PhD

Out now in paperback and ebook editions

You’ve passed your viva, you’ve changed your title to Dr on your bank cards. Now you want to turn your thesis into a monograph. You’re keen to get started, but how exactly do you go about it? Do you just need to make a few tweaks here and there? Or are you going to have to rewrite every single word? What on earth is a monograph, anyway?

There’s a lot to understand before you embark upon your writing adventure. This practical book guides you through everything you need to know about academic publishing in the 21st century. You’ll establish your purpose and scope, plan your schedule, approach a publisher, and actually write your book. Catherine Pope draws on her own experience of writing and publishing to support you through each stage of the process.

How to Buy 

How to Publish Your PhD is available in paperback and ebook editions. You can order through your favourite online retailer or independent bookstore. The ebook edition is available through Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and all the other major channels. If you’d like to buy in bulk for your institution (20+ copies), please contact me for discounts or any other queries.

ISBN: 978-1-8382429-3-0


Introduction (read for free)

  1. Establishing Your Purpose
    • Starting with Why
    • Developing Your Strategy
    • When’s the Right Time?
    • Can You Afford to Write a Book?
    • Deciding on the Appropriate Publication Type
    • Understanding What’s Required
  2. Planning Your Project
    • Auditing Your Thesis
    • Defining Your Scope
    • Mapping Your Book
    • The Anatomy of a Monograph
    • Setting Some Limits
    • Managing Your Time
  3. Understanding Your Publishing Options
    • Academic Publishing in the 21st Century
    • Understanding Rights and Contracts
    • Royalties and Getting Paid
    • Dealing with Copyright
    • Calculating Author Costs
    • Choosing Between Publishing and Self-Publishing
    • Applying for an Embargo
  4. Creating Your Proposal
    • Identifying a Suitable Publisher
    • Assessing Publishers
    • Approaching a Publisher
    • Writing a Book Proposal
    • What Happens Next?
  5. Writing Your Manuscript
    • Thinking Like a Writer
    • Boosting Your Productivity
    • Building Your Writing Fortress
    • Breaking it Down
      • Planning a Piece of Writing
      • Creating a Storyboard
      • Building a Wireframe
    • Staying on Track
      • Avoiding Perfectionism
      • Dealing with Competition
      • Overcoming Procrastination
      • Reviewing Progress
    • Getting Feedback on Your Writing
  6. Getting Ready for Submission
    • Strengthening Your Structure
    • Improving Flow
    • Adding Signposts
    • Ensuring Clarity
    • Proofreading
    • Applying Formatting
    • How Much Time Do You Need for Editing?
  7. Publishing and Promoting Your Book
    • Dealing with Readers’ Reports
    • Including Your Acknowledgements
    • Getting Ready for Final Submission
    • Checking the Proofs
    • Indexing Your Book
    • Promoting Your Book

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