Getting Started with Zotero

The easy way to manage your references, citations, and bibliographies

Getting Started with Zotero cover

Zotero (pronounced zoh-TAIR-oh) is a free tool to help you collect, manage, cite, and share your bibliographic information. You can think of it as a personal digital library, and its intuitive interface makes it easy to use. If you’re handling more than a few dozen citations in your research project, Zotero will make life much easier for you.

Getting Started with Zotero is for anyone who is handling a large number of references and needs a better way of managing them, e.g. authors, PhD students, and researchers. I introduce Zotero’s main features, offering many examples of the ways in which it can help you manage your work.

No detailed technical knowledge is required, and you are guided through all the stages with clear instructions and screenshots.

This ebook is available through most major platforms.

Here’s what we cover:


1. Introduction

  • What is Zotero?
  • Who is behind it?
  • Why Zotero?
  • What this ebook covers
  • Who this ebook is for
  • Assumptions
  • How to use this book

2. How to get Zotero

  • Downloading and installing Zotero

3. Getting started

  • The Zotero interface

4. Adding stuff to Zotero

  • Automatic capture
  • Adding multiple items
  • Adding by Identifier
  • Manual entry
  • Adding book sections
  • Adding multi-volume works
  • Importing PDFs
  • Duplicate Items
  • Adding webpages
  • Importing from EndNote

5. Getting organised

  • Collections
  • Creating Tags
  • Removing and disabling Automatic tags
  • Assigning colour to tags
  • Creating Related items
  • Adding Notes
  • Saving files
  • How to link to a Dropbox file from Zotero

6. Searching your Zotero library

  • Sorting
  • Basic searching
  • Advanced searching
  • Saved searches

7. Using Zotero with Word

  • Installing the Word plugin
  • Inserting citations
  • Creating bibliographies
  • Using Zotero with Google Docs

8. Adding styles

  • Installing styles
  • Switching styles

9. Backups & syncing

10. Customizing Zotero

  • General preferences
  • Shortcuts

11. Collaboration & sharing

12. Zotero website

13. Mobile devices & apps

14. Storage

15. Advanced features

  • Library Lookup
  • RTF Scan
  • Using Zotero and Scrivener

16. Next Steps

17. Conclusion