How to Write a Thesis Abstract

Just when you thought you’d almost finished your thesis, there’s yet another hurdle: the abstract. Although it’s only around 300 words, this chunk of text can be surprisingly challenging. And you don’t want any more challenges at this stage. In this post, I’ll explain the purpose of the thesis abstract and also provide a step-by-step …

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Who do you include in your thesis acknowledgements?

Once you’ve dealt with the small matter of finishing your thesis, there are a few other tasks to complete, too. Although the Acknowledgements page isn’t assessed during the examination process, it still performs a vital role. This is where you get to thank all the people who’ve helped you along the way. The research itself …

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How to defeat your inner critic and keep writing

Most of us start out with good intentions to get some writing done. Then we hear the unwelcome voice of our Inner Critic: “You’re not really a writer” … “Who on earth are you, anyway?” … “Have you seen the state of the kitchen floor?” Sometimes this adversary can be silenced with a chocolate biscuit, …

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Close up hand writing in notebook while studying on computer laptop

Overcoming Procrastination and Staying Motivated: Three Strategies for Getting on with Your Writing

It’s all very well having a plan for your writing, but how do you actually get going? “I’ll just quickly check Twitter, then I’ll make a start on this chapter.” 5 hours later, it’s time for dinner. In this post, I’ll share three strategies for dealing with an unwelcome visit from the Procrastination Fairy. 1. Think …

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How to Become a Healthy Writer

If you’re an academic researcher, you’re also a professional writer. And if you’re a professional writer, then you’re probably suffering from a range of health problems. Most of us spend a lot of time hunched over our desks, so engrossed in work that we give no thought to the long-term consequences. Joanna Penn’s new book The Healthy …

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Hands-free Writing with Dictation Tools

Could you finish your book or thesis without actually writing anything? Probably not, unless you can afford to hire a scribe. It’s possible, though, to reduce the amount of time you spend typing and slumped at your desk. Trying to extract three-dimensional ideas from our heads and into linear words is tough, even at the …

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The pages of a book turning quickly

The Great Sussex Book Sprint

If you’re at all familiar with academic publishing, you’ll know it moves at the pace of a creaky snail. Imagine, then, a team of researchers gathering to plan, write, edit and publish a book in just 4 days. Yes, that’s right – 4 days. I was sceptical, too. Devised by Adam Hyde, the Book Sprint …

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Stack of books with laptop on wooden table

Tools to improve your writing productivity

Peruse almost any book about writing and it’ll tell you to just get on with it. That’s easy said than done, of course. Most of us find there’s something desperately important that has to be done first: checking email, talking to the cat, or cleaning the oven. Although I’ve never resorted to procrastinatory housework, one …

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